In Transverse Time 2018

by Rova Saxophone Quartet

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  • Compact Disc (CD)

    Oxygen (Ackley) 7'43'
    The Dark Forest Suite (Steve Adams)
    Introduction 1'28"
    Song 1 2'36"
    Song 2 3'05"
    Song 3 2'13"
    Song 4 2'36"
    Coda 1'20"
    A Leap of Faith in Transverse Time (Raskin) 5'51"
    The Time Being (Raskin) 5'36"
    Hidden in Ochre (Ochs) 24'15"

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"Oxygen" (Bruce Ackley) is from the fall of 2016 and employs an organizing method borrowed from Henry Kaiser. It also reflects this comment from bassist-composer, Barry Guy: "It is very important to be able to immerse yourself in the music and not allow the expressionistic aspects of the will to take over from the perceived balance of the structure". The work is dedicated to the memory of Bruce's son, Ivan Graves Ackley. (BMI/Metalanguage)

"The Dark Forest Suite”, (Steve Adams) was inspired by the Basiani Choir from the Republic of Georgia. As a Georgian poet said during our 1989 tour of the Soviet Union, "Let's all go to the dark forest!". (BMI/Metalanguage)

"A Leap of Faith in Transverse Time" (Jon Raskin) The narrative improv structure relies on the "leap of faith" that has developed over many years of playing together in Rova to give new insight into the material and directions proposed, and that the transverse sounds will delight and move the music forward. ASCAP/Temescal)

"The Time Being" (Jon Raskin) started with Jon's fascination with a slow 17 beat pattern and was written to give Steve ’s wonderful alto sound a nice place to shine. (ASCAP/Temescal)

“Hidden in Ochre” (Larry Ochs) was originally created in 2016 to be performed by Rova in a resonant gallery, while surrounding the actions of Shinichi Iova-Koga, Dana Iova-Koga and Dohee Lee of inkBoat Physical Theater. (ASCAP/Trobar/BMG)

A brief review from the Atlanta weekly newspaper for the arts called "Creative Loafing" -- "Saxophone quartets can be an acquired taste, especially if their members are content playing supper-time jazz. However, Rova’s commitment to pushing forward, and challenging themselves and their audiences accounts for much of their perseverance. That, and talent. Their latest recording, In Transverse Time (Les Disques Victo), finds the quartet in meticulous harmony, with each player taking a measured approach to their solos. The Quartet’s members play multiple horns, but each settles into one primary instrument: Jon Raskin’s deep baritone holds steady while Bruce Ackley’s horn shimmers in tandem with the inventive brilliance of soprano virtuoso Steve Lacy. Ochs’ soulful tenor is unmistakable, and Steve Adams’ alto is fresh and bouncy. The whole recording is a musical journey through a wilderness of whistling reeds, but the 24 minute finale, “Hidden in Ochre,” lands listeners back at home after a wonderful whirlwind of sound." (Omar Khalid)


released September 5, 2018

soprano saxophone
alto & sopranino saxophones
baritone saxophone
tenor saxophone

Photo Credit: Peter Gannushkin

"Hidden in Ochre", "Oxygen" and "A Leap of Faith In Transverse Time" were recorded, edited and mixed Phillip Perkins. Recording assistant: Ethan Chuck. They were recorded on September 25, 2017 at the Mills College Art Museum. Special thanks to Dr. Stephanie Hanor, Director and Jayna Swartzman-Broksy, Program Director at the museum.

"The Dark Forest Suite" and "The Time Being" were recorded at Guerrilla Recording by Myles Boisen on October 6 and November 3, 2017. They were mixed by Myles Boisen at the Headless Buddha Mastering Lab on December 22, 2017.

All cuts were mastered by Myles Boisen at the Headless Buddha Mastering Lab on December 22, 2017



Rova Saxophone Quartet San Francisco, California

Rova: a group that can move you the way an Eastern European choir of voices can move you, but also a group with force that can feel as if its tearing the walls of the listening space down, or one of nature’s wild phenomena, or conversely, the almost-silent overlapping sound-patterns heard with eyes closed in a field in the wilderness. Since 1978, dealing it, and surprising listeners worldwide. ... more

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